Sunday, 6 July 2008

Liquor Loot Lunacy and Lust

Catch the Copper Shocker in the Mail about the PC who was nicking cannabis from the property store? What an idiot you would naturally think, but read the full article and I think it explains in more detail. At least he got a good nights sleep having resigned from the job. I believe this man was suffering stress and wanted to get caught.

Lets face it we all know there are cameras in the suite, if not covering the inside of the property store. The complaints department actually trace all police misdemeanours back to four human failings; Liquor Loot Lunacy and Lust. I think we can class this officer in the Lunacy bracket or the moment of madness.

I'm feeling abit knackered myself at present, hardly been at home in the last week, clocking up some excessive hours at work 16 hour days and even a 20 hour one. It does affect you, my short term memory is totally blown to the extent you have to think hard about what day it is. Last night was my first opportunity to catch up on some shuteye. Unfortunately after 4 hours I was awake and buzzing and didn't really get my intended 8 hours.

So I'm even more knackered now. I've turned down some more extra stuff I was asked to do, but just shows you how it all get loaded onto you. I've been working my rest days to help the job out (not for money because there is none)

I think I've got one sleeping tablet left so tonight should be ok. I've got a 14 day period at work coming up, again with excessive hours and then some leave, so if I can get through that should be able to recover. No time to get signed back to full duties by my doctor, so I'll do a job lot visit and get a resupply of sleeping tablets to keep me going before leave. (Zopiclone - works wonders - and it's legal)

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