Saturday, 28 June 2008

A sorry episode

What is going on with the greater gods. A race war at the highest levels Read Here. These senior officers are supposed to be our leaders.

Now I'm not a great lover of the commissioner, however I'm sure he's a nice well meaning bloke. He is also the boss so what he says goes, like it or not. There is obviously briefing to the press and political maneuvering going on. I don't know of any specific gripes these three have against the Metropolitan Police, but the commissioner should get to the bottom of it and if need be get rid of them. He is of course pretty much a "dead man walking" and everybody knows it.

Managers should be allowed to manage and Commissioner Blair is finding out the hard way, how things are for managers lower down the chain of command. Welcome to my world Sir Ian, the world you helped to create.

One of the officers has, it is alleged displayed poor judgement in his private life, and still got promoted. Minus points towards women in the diversity section there, me thinks. These are the same people who judge over others in discipline matters. Are they only interested in their own personal careers? You can see why the police service is in such a state with managers like these at the helm. I'm rather embarrassed by it all - Get a grip you morons before you make us even more of a laughing stock

The only inequality I see in the police service is towards white males. If you are a woman you can have a mentor to assist you upwards, the same being true if you are a "visible minority". What about merit? There are some outstanding black officers in the police service and no doubt they all have stories of racism to tell. If they are that good they will make it without the need for special treatment, and will have the respect of all for having done so.

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