Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Nobody loves me and I don't care, well maybe a little bit

Do we really care about what people think about us? I mean the public we work for day in and day out. I dealt with something the other day involving young kids, and sorted things out using that old fashioned thing called discretion. I could have gone down the arrest route but the minor misdemeanour didn't really warrant it.

I still had to deal with the parents with differing responses. One was very grateful and knowing the score thanked me. The other couldn't care less and wouldn't listen to my words of wisdom. She mentioned to her friend "I don't like this one". It would appear I'd had a run in with her cousin a few years back. It really hit home and actually quite hurt, everybody wants to be liked don't they? Having got her details I recognised the surname, and assume her cousin was a man put away for firearms a few years back.

I'd already had another resident phone in to ask if I had permission to name an individual in the local police newsletter. This is permission of the jailed person. The individual who was given 18 months for drug dealing on the estate. So two people I'd upset in one day.

Then you think about it, and as much as they whinge and moan, see it as a positive. These are the people whose kids are causing misery to others on the estate. If I'm annoying them it's a good thing.

I had a friend who worked an estate, which had a police office on it. He was a top street cop very firm but fair with it. He came into work one day to find overnight somebody had painted on the wall in 2 foot high letters. (Surname) is a Wa@!er. I see that as a compliment to him and the way he policed. Personally I would of added - and don't you forget it.

RIP Big Al - I bet they haven't forgotton you - I never will

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