Sunday, 27 July 2008

Off Chilling

I'll be somewhere similar for 2 weeks

I made it through my 16 day continuous work stint - well nearly 16 days I just couldn't be bothered working another of my days off and took day 14 (my rest day in lieu) off. I'm still knackered though.

It's also official I'm no longer a cripple and can rejoin the streets again. Nobody made a fuss that I only lasted 2 days on restrictive duties - just as well considering I've been the only police officer available on my team for weeks.

I am now on leave for 2 whole weeks - My diary is full already for my return. My phone is off and will remain off. If anybody pops in to this blog hopefully some posts will appear themselves - I'll tidy them up on my return.

Lets see if I can survive 2 weeks with the family -

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