Thursday, 24 July 2008

Same Old Same Old

I do his job nearly every day

I don't like wasting my time, and always have little things planned. I've noticed that at week-ends junkie feeding time is about midday. So I'm poised to have abit of sport when the dispatcher puts out a call. I'm only 1 minute away and it's a spill over from the previous night so I take it.

I listen to the sorry tale and it's a falling out between two 14 year old girls. Apparently this one had been threatened and the mother had gone to the other mother’s house and to cut a long story short a gang of youths had later attended this address and been abusive and threatening. Police were called but never attended as we had no units. Of course knives were mentioned as its flavour of the month.

Knowing the mother as I do - I suspect she's gone round drunk and gobbed off biting off more than she can chew. She denies this. I promise to attend the other girl’s house. The venue given is vague but I find it.

I'm shown into the front room and get a sense of déjà vu. I hear the story from the other side. Girls fallen out - want to fight each other - words in the street etc etc. I speak to the girl's mother - "I've been here before haven't I?" "I can't remember" she says. "Have you got another daughter?" "Yes she's twenty soon and has got 2 kids."

I was here about 5 years before dealing with exactly the same situation, when the older daughter had fallen out with a friend and threats made etc etc. I ask who the father is for her grand child. She blurts out a name, which I know and she adds he's just out of prison. Apparently they get on better now the daughter has her own place.

The 14 year old confirms that the other mother came round creating a scene and some of her friends went round and were abusive. There were no knives. I ask her why they had fallen out. I coaxed it out of her - I'm glad she was embarrassed. It was because they'd been best friends and the other girl became best friends with somebody else.

I think everybody could see how ridiculous this whole situation was, even the original mother when I returned to offer words of wisdom. It's estate life folks with Mr Policeman trying to act as Jeremy Kyle. I tell the girl not to end up like her sister - but if I return in 5 years no doubt she'll be banged up with two kids of her own. Of course can't just leave it at that.

That's two 14 year olds coming to notice of police so loads of report writing for me. Meanwhile real crime continues because I'm not there.

I feel my time has been wasted - I actually believe they felt that too - But they'll call again

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