Saturday, 12 July 2008

Culture Club

I wish I could earn 70k a year. Read Here the article about the MPS celebrating gypsies and their culture. Personally I don't have a problem acknowledging others diversity but I don't see it as the role of police to promote it. Of course the Mail rants on about crime increases caused by gypsies, but crime is actually part of Roma culture.

Before the complaints department hunt me down for that sweeping statement, I have read up on this minority group and it's generally accepted that Roma people have always gathered alms etc. They also live by their own rules which has always been outside of the society they live in.

Contrast what is happening here to Italy where they have deemed that all gypsies are born thieves, and should be fingerprinted. Can't understand how they'll get that past the Human Rights Act.

London has had a Gypsy community since the 16th century, which merged into the larger local community. So they don't live in caravans and won't be considered gypsies by the Roma themselves. Much of their language has found it's way into slang today.

The word "Chav" derives from "Chakka Chavva" meaning naughty child in Romany language. Much of the "Only Fools and Horses" dialogue is also based on Romany. "Cushtie" is a Romany greeting.

I think the police monies invested in promoting this diversity project would be better spent elsewhere. Personally I find it patronising, when we should be concentrating on tackling the factual crime trends caused by Roma people. They are no different from any other diverse group who come from abroad and commit crime. All foreign criminals should be deported - NOT INDULGED - but that's a political decision which the government should tackle.

They are quick to pay for drug workers in police stations but I believe putting immigration staff in custody suites would produce better crime reduction results. I have included my favourite "Gypsy Kings" track in the sidebar as my contribution to diversity - enjoy.

See they could have saved 70k - I've done it for nothing

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Damo Mackerel said...

I thought Chav stood for Council House And Violence?