Monday, 21 July 2008

Anthony MULHALL - Treated disgracefully RIP

Another police officer has been found dead in Snowdonia and we all await the results of the post mortem. PC Anthony Mulhall you may recall was slaughtered in the press last year when CCTV images were shown of him arresting a violent stupid little girl. I watched the images like everybody else and couldn't understand the onslaught. If anything he could have used more force and he clearly did nothing wrong. Liberal England was of course outraged the the poor pathetic "victim" was interviewed on SKY TV before making a complete cock of herself. "Yeah I'm epileptic innit" Interviewer "Has this been diagnosed by a doctor?" Her "No". I rest m'lud

He was cleared of wrongdoing but god only knows how this affected him. We all know although innocent he would have been tainted in the eyes of the senior officers. Imagine sending him to a community meeting with diverse groups and the reception he would receive. I don't recall a senior police officer coming out and stating how the girl was clearly a liar, and giving the officer their clear support.

Unfair treatment mate - You did nothing wrong - RIP another victim of diversity

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