Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Don't get Angry Get Even ( Part 1 )

I have been back running, but only short jogs and have to build things up, however I can return officially to full duties. This is good news indeed, so I can now tell how this all came about. I'm off on holiday so am pre-posting this in parts.

I'd been having a turf war with some drug dealers for nearly 6 months. They were a big outfit and ran their business 24/7 with numerous runners. They would often congregate in large numbers and whoever was holding would always slide away.

I couldn't walk through the estate, without getting accosted by residents telling me how things had got out of hand. This was a slow burner and I niggled away at the punters, getting dealing numbers and built together the pieces of the jigsaw. A few stops here and there yielded nothing from the dealers (always swallowed it see) but slowly I began to identify them.

I'd even filmed them in some dealing areas in the early hours and often 20 punters would be served up at one time. As they were African and not always local it was hard to know who was actually at it. I even caused a mini-riot when attempting to seize the mandatory dangerous dog that was always present with this group.

They were cocky bastards and were confident to front me out. I annoyed them and disrupted them, but business was still good. One day one of them laughed at me saying I'd never catch them. He said he'd make a deal - if I never caught them I'd have to leave the estate - but if I did catch him he'd only do a little bit of time and be out on the streets again soon, so it didn't really matter.

That's modern day policing for you, they are not scared and don't fear you. I'm sure Gene Hunt would of had an appropriate tactic to wipe the smile off his face. I accepted his little challenge.

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