Friday, 18 July 2008

Disrespecting the law and then some

Police officers attacked by a mob in Croydon after asking a 15 year old girl to pick up litter. Two officers are injured having been kicked and bitten. Why do they do it? Because they know absolutely nothing is going to happen to them.

Put aside the fact this girl is 15. Being bitten hurts right, and no doubt she is giving it the large one as I write, revelling in her new found notoriety. I found it more disturbing that passers by felt it appropriate to step in against the police. Don't think anything is going to happen to the two males arrested either - it won't. I see the arrest was for violent disorder but any proceedings will see this charged down to threatening behaviour. Keeps it out the Crown Court see, where some of the same residents from Croydon will no doubt be sat on the jury.

What is the true number of police officers injured on duty? It's so time consuming filling out the electronic form to report one that most officers don't bother unless it's really serious. When it was written in the injury book - it was just a quick entry and done, 1 minute maximum.

Now it is a health and safety investigation. If you looked at the charges laid for assaults on police no doubt it would be considerably higher than the injuries reported. This is one bean that the politicians don't really want counted so nobody makes an issue over it.

The black community in Croydon should hang their heads in shame for this incident. The two police officers should be thankful they weren't stabbed. Labour crime and disorder policy? Tough on crime and the causes of crime - What do you think?

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