Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What do you see?

A few weeks back I was drafted in to do a task in one of the plush new buildings rented by the Metropolis. This is where much of the strategic corporate stuff is done. It was a Friday afternoon and by 5pm I was pretty much alone, as everybody else drifted away to their usual week-end off. The views were fantastic over the Metropolis, but I only had eyes for the housing estates. I could see little gatherings here and there and kids playing in the semi-darkness. It looked different from up here. I could see into the alleyways where drugs are dealt and the roads where stolen mopeds are ridden.

I had air conditioning and soft lighting. I strolled over to the drinks machine that promised to dispense me a free drink of my choice. Decaffeinated coffee if I wanted it. There was a little plate attached to the machine which read

Busy Day? We live life at such a pace that taking time out is important. So choose yourself a drink, take a moment and enjoy.

Everybody has a part to play in a big organisation and no doubt there are stresses and pressures in this office everyday, however it is not my world, and they don't see what I see.

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