Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Knives Out - Tribute to Gadget

One of the constants in my life the past few years has been the influence of The Inspector Gadget Blog. With the demise of good old Night Jack this was the go to place to see policing "AS IT IS". I have been known to pop in for time to time with the odd comment.

I've been a constant reader for years - I don't even think he'd got to 100k hits when I first lurked, as Copperfield was the designated place for disaffected moaning troops.

I hardly recognised the bureaucracy and rubbish he wrote about, as I work in Metroland. It didn't take long however for those new religions in ACPO thinking to filter through to my own Force area. We've even got some of the same self proclaimed "leaders" who pander to their political masters. Some of us are still fighting and want the truth out, but maybe from the inside is the place to influence and show up the present style of leadership that moulds future policing. This is a different job to the one I joined over 25 years ago and a different culture exists .... apathy rules along with Money. I'd like to believe that the only thing that matters is people - both on the staff side and the public at large. If we get that right the policing will look after itself without the measures.    

Challenging upwards in whatever way you can is a true Leadership trait and Mr Gadget (one assumes a Mr.) appears to have it in spades. I never knew Gadget but then I did, because we see the same things. I'm delighted to see he is also a Radiohead fan and wish him all the best in his retirement.

From a Hat - I salute and Thank You Gadget. Enjoy Retirement.