Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nasty Bastards

14 Years for taking a life is not much is it? Another 18 year old convicted of a knife murder on a totally innocent, nice lad. Read Here.

Will prison change him? Well having just been released 3 days earlier from detention I think we know the answer already. There are people who are just downright evil. The murderer in this case has made a decision to go out with the knife. I doubt it was for picking the dirt from under his nails. I know he will be on life licence but the public really does need protection. He will be 32 when no doubt he will be a free man, back to his life of crime because that's all he knows.

There are lads in my area who don't care about anything or anyone. You just would not be surprised if they ended up murdering somebody. I don't have the answers, it's not about diversion or education for some of these lads. They are too far gone and know they are pretty much untouchable until one day they push their luck too far.

I had the pleasure of charging one such lad with murder several years ago. I'd known him since he was 14 and he was always fearless when facing the police on the street. In short he was a nasty bastard. Unfortunately he grew into a big nasty hard bastard. He was a good drug dealer and if I'm honest I was glad he stayed off my patch.

It's quite common for disgruntled villains to say "Wait until I see you alone on the street I'll get you". This particular lad actually carried that out his threat giving an officer a good beating.

He smirked when I charged him, and as I went through the representations for bail, made his own jokey plea for bail, promising to turn up. Bail obviously refused, to stop him shooting somebody else in the head. I think his tariff was 30 years, but he should never be allowed out.

This human rights thing confuses me. Capital punishment is outlawed here, yet Tony Blair didn't moan when Saddam Hussein was hanged. Why not a tariff of 50 years for murderers, it's my view Nasty Bastards should hang.

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