Friday, 20 June 2008

Another pathetic sentence

I think we know about the previous indiscretions of Miss Naomi Campbell and her temper. She pleaded guilty today to a couple of assaults on police when she got upset over her lost luggage. Read Here. She also was dishing out the race card to all and sundry. Her sentence for this, 200 hours of community service. This just about sums up our criminal justice system. The article even has her saying she was disappointed with being charged.

Where is the protection for officers who apparently dealt with this "lady" in a courteous manner and deterrent for offenders. A short sharp shock is required to make others like her think a little bit before lashing out.

A few years back I recall a more sensible dictate coming out that magistrates should consider custodial sentences for all assaults on police. This was obviously not under "New Labour". We were in a little situation on an estate and ended up arresting a youth for something. He began to play up and of course the estate turned out. His mother ended up hitting a PC over the head with her shoe. She got nicked too and charged to court. Oh those were the days.

So we all pitch up for the trial and give evidence. She has her say - racist police - out of order - leave the kids alone etc etc and is found guilty. Mitigation from her brief - no previous convictions - upset over her son etc.

The old Stipendiary magistrate listens intently. These days it would be adjourned for reports. Up she stands and he sends her to prison for 10 days, priceless and well deserved. The look on her face was a sight to behold.

Shame we couldn't have seen that look on Miss Campbell's face eh? 200 hours of community service doing what? No doubt will involve something beneficial to her career.

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