Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Case Solved?

Anthony was a prolific burglar with a drug habit. He was the sort of offender who would really make your crime figures spike. The problem was he was all over the borough hitting the area, nearest to which ever crack house was his latest abode. He would get caught eventually as they all do, and was one of the one's who would get a custodial. So he MUST have been bad.

In years gone by you would have had a surveillance team up his arse as soon as possible. You didn't need an expensive analyst to tell you he was always at it. The human rights act changed all that - can't have fishing exercises you know. I noted on the briefing a couple of months back that Anthony was due release.

A death message was being dished out on parade. Anthony was found dead in the South of the City. This often happens with addicts who are released from jail and get back to their old ways. I suppose their bodies can't take it any more. I could have taken the message as I don't know his father, but some of the family I do know so it wouldn't be appropriate. It fell to a colleague who told me the father wasn't shocked to see the police at his door, thinking Anthony had been arrested again. I'm sure it wasn't the news he was expecting.

It didn't take long for news to spread. I came across "Jill" 4 O'clock in the morning pissed out of her head shouting through someones letter box. She drunkenly informs me that Anthony her good friend is dead. I know I told her, trying to sound sympathetic. She got a text apparently. They were good mates she wailed. I know I told her, you were arrested last week together were you not? I kept a straight professional face throughout. I think Anthony was a scumbag who didn't give a shit for his victims. I don't care that he is dead. I walked Jill home and opened the front door for her to fall through.

No doubt we'll get called to Anthony's last drink up. I'll be checking up to see if the car's stolen in my burglaries turn up in same part of the city where he was found dead. Case Solved?

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