Thursday, 19 June 2008

Golden Age

Boy did we get some bad press on my estate "End our Drugs Hell" "Never see the local officers" "PCSO's a waste of time". Quotes from resident A Resident B can't let my kids play out etc etc etc. Press contacted my boss for a response and we discretely mentioned we had been working very hard on a covert operation for over 6 months. We didn't mention that they hadn't seen me because I'd been nearly crippled trying arrest one of the dealers on the estate.

No worries I'm back I'll set up a community watch in the self same block. I'm aware of their problems. Leaflet drop to over 80 flats outlining my plans. Could call a meeting but I know my punters - The annual tenants association needs at least 10 non committee members to be present and it's an annual tradition to send out search parties to kidnap one or two to make up the numbers.

I therefore don't book a venue in the full knowledge only one or two will turn up. I'll go to them, have a street meet outside their block. I'm there half an hour early. My staff turn up on time and we wait, and wait. We give up after 45 minutes NOT ONE person can be bothered.

It's not a problem I've got a plan B we'll knock on their door another day and ask them direct. They'll say yes of course and probably still won't ring us before they contact the local press.

On the upside - saw a couple of my local youths passing by. One of them informs me that his chum Michael was 18 the day before. Really? Michael get over here - over he trots probably expecting a congrats from me on reaching the golden age. Now give me your gear. He hands over his cannabis and duly signs his warning. I tell him that's for all the times I didn't do him, when he was a juvenile paperwork nightmare. Another easy detection and keeps the local lads on their toes. Amused his mates no end. So not a wasted day after all.

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