Monday, 9 June 2008

Chocolate Muffin with my Cappuccino

Not the cafe culture I deal with

Had the usual busy week-end dealing with this Governments "cafe culture" in my area. Everybody drinking too much then doing as they want. On the plus side this blog must be chilling me out.

Dealt with one particular incident where two sorts decided to attack the door staff at a bar, because one of them had been thrown out for harassing woman. Had to step in as sort 1 was "going to kill the bouncer" and "I should watch out because he was a boxer". Yeah right amigo - He couldn't be that good as he was missing one of his front teeth, that had been there at the start of the fracas. His companion sort 2 was also sporting a lovely bump on his forehead with nick obviously from a ringed hand. Of course the sorts wanted the bouncers nicked for attacking them. Tricky one that could end up with everybody getting arrested, sorts and bouncers.

Luckily an independent stated the the two sorts were out of order. The one I had hold of was working himself up and would have received the vulcan throat grip, but thought I'd better sort out the obvious counter allegation. Both bouncers gave their version and denied hitting the sorts, which didn't really explain what I saw before me. Grabs the manager for CCTV.

He couldn't get it working in my presence, which usually means, I want to view it in private to see if anything incriminating against my staff. 5 mins later there's a technical miracle and I can view it. Starts at the point after both have been thrown out and both sorts just come steaming in throwing loads of punches. That's enougth for me - Both arrested for ABH. We'll put their injuries down to reasonable force by bouncers later.

So that was me for the night. Actually ends up the next day with two charges but only for common assault. Oh I wish I could get excited, but absolutely nothing will happen to the two blokes. I predict 2 x £200 fines if convicted at best.

This is what I deal with every night shift, drunken idiots from 11pm till 3am. Meanwhile on the rest of my beat houses are getting burgled for electricals and car keys, with the houseowners motors being used to transport the stolen gear. Heinous offence being robbed, whilst sleeping in your bed. I could sort these burglaries but the assaults and drunkenness needs to "be seen" to be dealt with. No doubt when the burglaries get too bad the burglary squad will be working nights on loads of overtime. This isn't right is it?

A couple of days later I managed a skulking foot patrol for an hour in the burglary zone, but too little too late. Follow up to bouncers re use of reasonable force and of course as they are "victims" buttered them up for quality call back.

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