Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hard Love

Pleas for parents to take more responsibility for their kids behaviour has been in the news this week. No doubt prompting the Mirror to seek out this lady, who gave her sons up when they'd attacked a man, causing him to lose an eye. Read Here .

This is rare indeed and she should be applauded for her actions. She has done them the biggest favour, and I bet they learn their lesson. Of course they don't feel that at present.

In reality, most of the parents to be seen in custody (if they can be bothered to turn up) are more upset that their kids have been stupid enough to get caught. If they imposed a little more "hard love" I believe it would make a difference. Kids need boundaries and I believe actually respond quite well to a little firm but fair behaviour towards them. The best youth projects have the workers imposing discipline and telling the kids to get lost if they don't want to play by the rules. They tend to moderate their behaviour accordingly.

I wonder if this type of assault is what the government envisaged for it's cafe culture 24/7 drinking extravaganza. Of course most of us idiots on the front line could see it coming, just like the cannabis balls up, but who listens to us? Will the next government reverse or moderate the drinking culture? I do hope so.

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