Saturday, 7 June 2008

Help For Heroes

Do you remember last year when injured soldiers were banned from the public swimming pool in Leatherhead. Read Here.

Well I have it on good authority that Headley Court have been offered use of the pool facility at the new Federation Headquarters, also in Leatherhead. I am proud that my Federation is doing the right thing in standing up our injured troops.

Having used the Police Rehabilitation centre in Goring, I for one would be happy for some troops to receive treatment there too. Our people would make them more than welcome. I'll mention it to my Federation Rep.



That’s a great gesture many thanks.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Mate - HM Forces will always have the support of my organisation at grass root level. I'm sickened that injured troops are treated in the NHS. Where are the army hospitals? I had pneumonia and was in the Alexandra in Aldershot with like minded people being treated by army personnel. First class medical care within the army system.