Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Health and Safety

No it's not the latest brainwave from those greater gods about making PCSO's more visible. These mobility scooters do however stress me out. I was in Tesco's the other day loitering between the coco pops and hobnobs when I was almost wiped out by one of these. It must have been doing about 4mph down the central aisle. I've had similar experiences out on foot patrol where the elderly or very obese punters hurtle down the pavements at excessive speeds. Woman and young kids have to hurl themselves out of the way. I don't suppose it will be long before these get even faster and we have PCSO's or worse PC's being told to dish out tickets.

Lucky job Health and Safety didn't see this. I bet she hasn't had a mobility scooter course or filled out the forms for liability insurance. If this had been down my way the punters would have been throwing themselves under the wheels to make a claim.

We've just received a memo reminding us that when we use non police premises for meetings or events to comply with policy. It appears that we have to fill out a risk assessment form plus then one of two other forms which we have to send off to admin land. This could be for just a 30 minute meeting. Still imagine the reports to write if it all went wrong and somebody fell off their chair. Something else to keep me busy.

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