Saturday, 31 May 2008

Never make plans - you know what happens

So I was set to make my list re "quality call back" and had to decant out quickly.

A stabbing no less on my patch. Why do people do it in the middle of a big push on knife crime. Turn up and two massive knives on the floor. Victim was in a fire tender which was passing. He was sliced in the face. Suspect detained down the road and all very confusing trying to get someone to make sense of it all.

Grabbed somebody sensible I knew, who'd seen enougth to be a witness. Got him to street ID the suspect who was duly nicked.

Seized some cctv and back for more paperwork, and notes re this job. Victim doesn't want to know, which tells you everything re motive. Drugs really are the root of all evil. Usually that would be it, but as we are taking knife crime seriously this week incident will be investigated.

Got my performance indicators done and managed two quality call backs. I was very creative getting two out of one victim. PCSO dealt in first instance then PC reported the crime. Victim was very satisfied - but only had boxes to tick for satisfied or not satisfied. Both had name badges on too so she stated, should I have pointed out the PC hasn't ordered one yet? No she said name badge so I tick the box.

Victim loves us - I tell her we are pleased she loves us but sorry she was a victim, and pledge to solve her crime. Now maybe, just maybe if I wasn't sat listing "call backs" I might have been out on street patrolling at the scene of the stabbing, which is a problem venue for me at present.

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