Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Justice for one victim - but no comment from PM as early release prisoners go on to kill

The prime minister no doubt thinks it's so important that naughty Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are brought to book over their calls to actor Andrew Sachs. Of course naughty Russell has previous for this type of comedy, which went unpunished last time. Don't recall the PM saying too much then. It depends who you dis' I suppose. Following his comments both have been suspended pending a BBC investigation.

Meanwhile in the real world evidence emerges that three murders have been committed by prisoners released early as part of the government proposals to reduce the jail population. I would rather the PM comment on this scandal.

Not all bad news, it was good to see the appeals of youths involved in kicking to death Sophie Lancaster, who was a Goth' have been dismissed. With the exception of one who achieved a 9 month reduction in his life tariff, the appeal court threw the whole lot out. So well done to Lord Judge and the other two appeal judges - It would have been nice to see all four tariffs increased but you can't have it all.

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Area Trace No Search said...

Well said - I just wish they would listen!