Sunday, 5 October 2008

We Need YOU !!

Great image of Phil Armitage returning home from Afghanistan to be met by his daughters. With all the doom and gloom going on I found it rather uplifting to see and read about this soldier. He left school with no qualifications and got married young, but has purpose in his life serving the country well, achieving a career to boot.

It throws up the question of National Service, especially with forces recruitment suffering at present. Army life is not for everyone but there are benefits in being part of a disciplined service.

Since the police forces did away with saluting and proper parades, standards have slipped. Perhaps they both need to come back.

Where are the squaddies coming into the police? I can't remember seeing an ex forces probationer at my station in several years. We've got loads of ex PCSO's and students but are rather lacking in Phil Armitages. He looks like he could cope with life on my estates and be effective in the fight against crime .

I would have thought that people with their life skills and aptitude would be most sought after. Of course they would receive no favouritism and would have to "prove" their commitment to diversity. There are recruitment quotas for everything else - I'd have a quota for ex forces.

Come on Squaddies - We Need You Too


LordFlash said...

Ex Army myself and now you mention it there is a lack of ex forces coming through now. Wish I had a few like Phil on my shift!!!

Anonymous said...

Retired from the Army and joined the Police, though now retired from that. About 5% of my intake at Ashford were ex services though now I understand that Police forces have put restrictions on those having tattoos from being accepted - something about the public being upset if they see the word "England", "God" or "Mum" on an officer's arm. I know of three young men and one woman living near me, all ex services, who were turned down from the local or neighbouring force because of their tattoos.

Stressed Out Cop said...


When I joined I was allowed to keep mine - Non Forces had to have theirs burnt off.

Plenty of young ladies out tattoo me now - how times change !!