Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Running Away From Justice

One of the things that bugs me most is people running away from police. It might be exciting on all the cop shows, but in reality there is little deterrent for the suspect or offender. You just "might" get an obstruction under the misuse of drugs act if you'd managed to start exercising that power. However in most cases there is no charge. So you might as well go for it.

How often have you seen on TV the decamp from the stolen car, with all occupants bomb bursting. Any passengers caught after the chase always seem to have no charges laid. The old "offered a lift and didn't know it was stolen" defence.

You would have thought that this government, which likes making laws - What is it 3500 and counting? could have covered this loophole.

Don't forget I sustained my injury chasing after an offender and am still below par despite being back on full duty. I am still somewhat pissed off and bitter. OK I know I had him for supply already but if I hadn't he would have had no penalty.

Danny was a prolific burglar and was well wanted. A few enquiries gave me his signing on day and times at the dole office. I got permission from the office to conduct the arrest and agreed to do it in the foyer, where I was observing from a side office with a young constable.

True to form he arrives with a friend and goes in to sign on. The friend remained in the foyer possibly as a look out. As he came to leave, we appeared and the friend shouts a warning. Danny boy comes running at full pelt and I grab him and we fall heavily. His head smashes into the lower panel of the front door, which has thickened glass reinforced with wire. It must have hurt as it left an indentation in the panel but Danny bounces up and is away with me giving chase. He runs straight across the main road, and I follow with the "red mist blinkers" on. I hear the screech of tyres and stop transfixed like a bunny in the headlights. I'm going to get wiped out, and close my eyes waiting for the impact.

I love black taxi drivers. The front bumper stops about 6 inches from me - shit! very close one. I continue the chase but Danny is now well away. I traipse back to the dole office and take solace in nicking the friend for obstructing police. He saw my near death and pleads to the charge. This was obviously Pre CPS charging. The dole office were not best pleased about their glass panel and I think that involved some paperwork from me too.

Danny eventually got caught a couple of weeks later after another chase. This time he ran into somebody's house and kicked his way through the roof tiles, before getting arrested. He was charged in custody but of course was bailed by the court.

I was chatting to him a few years later and we had a good laugh about this. I made a comment about the police always being on the receiving end. He pulled up his top and showed me his back which was badly scarred. He'd been chased by police during a commercial burglary and fell through glass getting badly speared by shards. He nearly died and it was only first aid by his police pursuers that saved his life.

So on my wishy wanty list for new legislation is, "Running away from a police officer when told to stop " carrying the maximum sentence of 6 months. Sometimes evading police is a death sentence.


Damo Mackerel said...

SOC- good post. On average how many people escape from the cops when they decide to flee either on foot or by car? Everytime I see one of those real life cop programs, the cops always seem to get their man.

PCSO Bloggs said...

Just found your blog via 200, it's good stuff. I've linked.

Stressed Out Cop said...


On foot loads - especially where I work - very built up area.I can always play the long game as I know most people BUT it's what you lose in evidence - drugs dumped / knives etc - the CPS don't even believe us when you see stuff thrown.

Stressed Out Cop said...

PCSO Bloggs

Bless you dear lady - I work with PCSO's so hopefully won't be too critical - only posted once on the subject.

Will link to you too