Monday, 3 November 2008

Frankie Was Right ..

Just loved this article about a relaxation room where just 15 minutes chilling will put you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. It only costs £1000 to set one up and can go anywhere. Imagine if we could get one in every station. Of course it will never happen. In my station every facility for the troops has disappeared, to make room for people who need offices.

Snooker room - including our table paid for by us gone.

TV room - relocated to the busy canteen.

The sleeping suite - which was basically a large cupboard to kip in if you got stranded at work on a quick change over gone. Became a milk expressing room - don't ask !

Even the all important tea room was deemed surplus to requirements and became a plush office for the "volunteer coordinator". The kettle now sits in the constables writing room.

I would of course not be surprised if a stress room was made available for prisoners in the custody suite. They already get first rate attention as it is. Want a doctor? No problem - be one here in 15 minutes to soothe your toothache or whatever invented illness you have. Cup of tea or coffee - straight away Sir - I've stirred it for you. Yes we even give out nicotine patches because the poor dears are not allowed to smoke now.

We had a problem with street drinkers a few years back. Enforcement and everything was tried without success. One of our "partners" actually paid for a report where some consultancy firm came in and interviewed all the street drinkers. They were paid £50 each for their trouble and gave their life history and what they wanted to happen. I wonder what they spent that £50 on?

I read the report with the usual stories broken homes, abuse and falling in love with the bottle. This don't come cheap and was about £8000 spent in total. This was tax payers money. The conclusions and recommendations were pants. Loads of liberal shite like giving them Indian head massages.

In the end it was decided to build the problem out. There was a delay until they could find the money to do the works. And no this wasn't in the consultancy report.

I thought we were about investing in our people. Making the working environment a better place increases productivity (this might get them interested) and reduces sickness levels. I think alot of the troops would just settle for a break - impossible on many shifts.


Damo Mackerel said...

I'm surprised they haven't got rid of the biscuit tin.. I'm sure that takes up some space. As for making the prisoners tea or coffee; surely you're not allowed to use hot water? It might scald them. Elf and safety and all that?

kingmagic said...

Refs? Like you we struggle to get our breaks. I've probably lost a fortune in wasted food that I've binned due to a call out.

Bearing in mind we have to book mobile within 30 seconds and head off initially on 'Blues & Twos' to God knows what, to only to be told to 'stand down' as its a nothing job. Returning to station to try and dig out remants of food from the bin!

Our stations are being down sized or closed to be replaced by portacabins!!!

Thanks for the link...will reciprocate.

Stressed Out Cop said...


Wouldn't do your job for all the money in the world. Every call an emergency .. but then your time is wasted too often. I include "us" in that - but that's our policy makers covering backsides.

I think I speak for most of ours in saying thanks and how much we respect the ambulance service.

Also gave me a lift after my injury and offered air and gas. Would have preferred something opiate based instead but it's the thought that counts.