Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm Here .. But I'm Not All There !

I can actually do this .. when fit

I'm back but it's not just my computer that's been on a go slow. I've felt absolutely rinsed out for some reason, and struggling to get anything done.

I'm not the greatest sleeper but a few wide awake nights before early shift has really taken it's toll. Throw a few night shifts into the mix and working three out of four rest days and to tell you what day it is requires some thought. I've actually been fatigued driving into work, feeling the same as after a 12 hour night shift.

I've been snappy and irritated and probably not very nice to be around. My body actually feels tense and my skin feels itchy. Worst I've felt all year and it's come out of nowhere. I had a full on September and actually cleared everything I had to do work wise. I was ready to push on with some new projects and operations but have somewhat stalled on the grid. I think that now my team is back together for the first time this year the body is taking a time out.

The injury has relapsed so still not running. Attempted a posing dive when on holiday in the Summer and my knee gave way causing me to collapse into the pool. Would not have scored straight sixes for that one and swam underwater resurfacing yards away from the scene of the crime hoping that nobody noticed. From the sly smiles everybody obviously did.

A few more days to push then I'll get some leave and put myself back together. It's all self inflicted. I'm a Mug !


PCSO Bloggs said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Blimy, I couldn't do that even accidentally.

Hope you get chasing scrotes soon!

Tony F

Anonymous said...

Wow, a bad tempered, irritable pig.

Who would have guessed it?