Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nothing To Celebrate Week

Why do we have to celebrate something different every week? It's stressing me, just at that lower niggling level to keep receiving e-mails about politically correct things. Black History month is upon us - All of October. Nice to see the Black Police Association are "celebrating" this by declining to assist the Met with recruitment drives.

OK I recognise and respect this event but why do I have to celebrate it as part of my job? Plenty of government money goes into these awareness campaigns, money that could be better spent elsewhere.

I've not even heard about alot of these things. Most of the e-mails are just forwarded for distribution by senior managers. Usually there is a comment attached -

"Are we doing anything re this ?"

This assumes we already know about it, and should reply along the lines of :

"It just so happens we have been working on an event for months to celebrate this, please read the attachment"

In fact they get the reply, "What a shame it's at such short notice - maybe next year"

What you really dread is " Good Neighbours or whatever week is coming up in two months time I want you to organise an event to celebrate it".

Damn and drat expletives emanate from the office as it dawns, that you've got to plan an event so the organisation can be seen to be inclusive. The planning all takes time and that's patrolling time folks. Great for those looking for Diversity evidence for promotion, but not really my cup of tea. I have done some though, but it goes with the job.

I don't mind if it's something I'm into, but if I'm not it's a right turn off. However as I recognised Roma Traveller Month with the Gypsy Kings, it's only right and fitting for Bob Marley to be added to the Music Wall.

Did I mention my uncle was from Jamaica? It doesn't matter they still patronise me.


Officer Dibble said...

This is something that has crossed my mind as well.Why? does an organisation,the basic function of which is to keep the Queens peace, prevent/detect crime....need to know this information.

What is flagged on the Notice boards when we log on is a reflection of what the Govt thinks we should be interested in.

For instance 'Green' issues

We are having a roll out of recycling bins in assorted colours. The old 'one for all' bin in the corner has gone and a variety of assorted replicas have taken its place.
It can only end in tears.

sntpc said...

It'll end in tears when people don't use them properly, but with the sheer amount of waste paper and soft drinks cans we throw away, it's about time we had recycling bins.

How about we publicise a "Don't Commit Crime Month" and ask for lots of money for that?

Stressed Out Cop said...

I don't mind knowing it - it's the corporate celebrating I'm not into.

As I'm a miserable git who doesn't celebrate anything it's annoying.(well maybe payday)

I like the "don't commit crime month" but we've got no money for that !!

Damo Mackerel said...

Apparently they were planning to have a 'celebrating piles' week to the tune of Johny Cash's ring of fire. They abandon it because it was a right pain in the bum to organise.

Stressed Out Cop said...


That's funny - nice one