Thursday, 16 October 2008

Roll Over Roll Over .. So They All Rolled Over AND !

Wise or Toothless?

2.65% and tied into a three year deal with less the next two years. The Federation are pleased with this as they appear to have saved the PNB (Police Negotiating Board). They also have a binding agreement to renegotiate should recruitment levels fall.

OK times are hard but the Federation has given in again. I think we did the same in 1995 and kept to the Tory governments 1.5% pay freeze accepting 3% and losing alot of conditions. The dental allowance went then - good business for them as I've just paid £425 for a new crown !!

I said in August don't fight battles you can't win and we would not have won. The government will be pleased as WE will be on the front line when everybody else exercises their industrial rights.

I would have least insisted on having our "stolen" £200 paid on top. We wait with baited breath to see if the right for industrial action continues


PCSO Bloggs said...

"We wait with baited breath to see if the right for industrial action continues"

I don't think it will. I think the Fed have given in and lost momentum.

Stressed Out Cop said...

PCSO Bloggs

Well as we voted for it they should go for it - I like to think it's a strategic decision whereby they know it will take years of legal court cases - and with an election pending they assume the Tories will go back to the old agreement - Will they ?? Not without concessions

PCSO Bloggs said...

Perhaps you're right SOC. It just feels like they've lost momentum. Not kept up the high profile speeches, press releases and general action. It could be a loss of momentum because of Jan leaving I guess.

Kenny O said...

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Stressed Out Cop said...


Welcome - can't access yours as your settings are not freed up