Sunday, 25 May 2008

How Many More?

Another young life wasted in a knife attack. Read here What is the solution in tackling this. Of course the politicians express their hurt and pledge to do more. You can bet your dollars that the 21 year old arrested has list of previous that indicated he was a danger. I can see the case disposals in my head cautions, supervision orders, and community orders.

I know of a knife murder where the suspect is known to me. In the 6 months prior to the offence being committed he was seen by officers acting suspiciously. When they tried to stop him he ran off and during the chase discarded a hunting type knife under a car. He was caught and convicted and did he do time? You don’t need me to answer that do you? Even a small sentence inside might have deterred this individual from carrying again. Even with jail time coming back there will still be knife crime as there are evil people out there; however the case I’ve mentioned wouldn’t have happened if the suspect was inside at the time.

I attended a “murder” years ago, where the victim had been stabbed in the street. The injuries were to the legs and he’d been opened up under the arm. The weapon was a lock knife and the injuries didn’t appear to warrant a death. It turned out the victim had a heart problem. The perpetrators got done for manslaughter and I think the sentence was less than five years. When you are actually there and see the loss of life it leaves a hollow feeling in you. What a waste – If convicted these people should NEVER see the outside of a cell again.

But of course that would breach their human rights – Silly Me

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