Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Poor Decisions and the Consequences

Mentally ill people can take up a lot of police time. If you’ve got a mental ward on your patch – police units will be forever attending to report missing patients. When it was a paper record the hospital actually filled out the form for you, now it’s more time consuming.

I’ve always wondered why people who are sectioned are allowed out on unescorted leave. Even on the secure wards patients walk out and are not stopped by their charges.

We had one the other week that was reported missing having not returned. He then rang for an ambulance to take him back. When that took too long to arrive he jumped out of a first floor window ending up in the basement level.

As it was quiet about 5am we had plenty of units. He was pretty smashed up and required the night time HEMS doctor in the fast response car. Trumpton also attended with ladders so he could be extracted. Another poor decision by someone with serious consequences on all three emergency services.

If that was a police decision we would have got slaughtered. At least he won't be walking out for a long while.

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