Sunday, 1 March 2009

Forgotten Victims

There is much career portfolio building going on regarding engagement with hard to reach and minority groups. Young people especially if they're black, faith groups (some more than others - Christian trumped by most religions) and Gay groups are especially favoured and score top diversity points. For some reason the most vulnerable group we ignore. I'm talking about the elderly who must include all of the above targeted "minorities". The elderly are of course an increasing majority and suffer the fear of crime more than most.

They are more likely to suffer poverty and with the debt greed fuelled recession are now seeing their incomes falling as any savings they relied on, produce little or no interest. You would have heard little about them as they are from a generation who get on with life being self sufficient and take pride in not asking for help. I like old people, on the whole they are very pro police and not very PC, telling it the way it is. I therefore get extremely pissed off when people take advantage of their kindly nature.

There appears to be a trend at present where old people are being taken advantage of by their carers. I'm not talking about proper carers but a new type who befriend the elderly vulnerable and then fleece them of money and goods. As these new carers are homeless, they also move themselves in and sometimes bring their dealers with them. I'm now very alert when the usual faces tell me they're caring for a sick friend. They are also plausible bail addresses.

I have known instances when sexual favours have been granted to old boy's who then end up paying for their kneetremblers by being pressurised into giving up their pension cash. One minute he thinks he is the oldest swinger in town and the next he becomes their victim. The money goes on drugs and some elderly patrons have been encouraged to indulge in the wonders of the pipe themselves. Some of these have actually taken place in sheltered housing blocks. These cases are extremely hard to deal with as they can have who they want in their flats as long as they don't cause problems to others. It's strange to see lonely people actually put up with these intrusions but some actually seem to like the company.

Even when they do complain the CPS find it hard to prosecute as money has been "gifted" or "loaned" to their new friends. The only option is for us to conduct welfare visits and bring pressure on the leeches to leave. I'm not adverse to standing my ground. The leeches tell their host to ask me to get out, fair one legally I suppose. I then suggest the host should ask them to leave. As soon as they utter they want them out I've got their coat in hand and usher them into the streets.

This is a good job for PCSO's to be tasked with. They can make regular checks and monitor the situation. They can build up trust with the old people until they decide they want their life back. We can then get the local authority to help with getting injunctions. Unfortunately they always move onto another one, so it's a problem moved not solved.

No indicators in this either but surely this is what we're about isn't it? Protecting the vulnerable.


Dandelion said...

Hear hear!

If there was a blogging equivalent of a round of applause, I'd do it.

MarkUK said...

Dandelion: Couldn't agree more.