Thursday, 26 March 2009

Are You Ready?

Free Speech at work

Ready for what? I think we know what's coming up next week. Some are going to G20 ready to rumble under the guise of peaceful demonstration.

Of course the police will be blamed for excessive violence and no doubt kicking it all off. This will take place nearly 19 years to the day since the poll tax riots. Different causes some looking for the same civil disobedience. It's those naughty Anarchist people who you need to look out for. Don't want to sterotype but they're not too hard to spot.

Hundreds of tired weary police officers stuck in the middle attempting to keep the Queen's Peace. If you're going as your place of duty for the day keep your head down, if you're going because you're angry try emanating some peace and love, cos' those missiles really hurt!


Dandelion said...

Why are some people so angry at the police?

Stressed Out Cop said...

Because they're not in touch with their inner self. Anger is bad for you .. form of stress see. You'll grow to love me yet. :-)

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

if you're going because you're angry try emanating some peace and love, cos' those missiles really hurt!


Dandelion said...

So...nothing to do with their failure to arrest known sex attackers, so that dozens more women get assaulted or raped, or their nasty habit of beating beating people up, and then conveniently losing all the evidence then?

I note the people who are going to be "policing" this event are the same people who were involved in the "serious, gratuitous and prolonged" attack against Babar Ahmad, and who have at least 60 separate complaints of assault against them.

I personally don't see the humour in that I'm afraid, SoC, and I think that we, the public, have every right to be angry while the police are incapable of policing themselves, and are perfectly happy to have such psychos in their midst, and to lie about it for years.

Physician, heal thyself. You know it makes sense.

Stressed Out Cop said...

"Unsubstantiated" complaints and the "evidence" a few complaints files. Hardly a cover up just a crap filing system - all that paperwork we generate. Innocent till proven guilty just like Mr Ahmed - what was he a suspect for?

Fine people those riot squads - don't get too close they do bite.

Anonymous said...

Dandelion You ought to be grateful that there officers like the TSG(level one public order trained) and Borough officers( level two public order trained)that regularly put on the public order kit and police demonstrations, football matches and conduct rapid entry(unarmed) against poeple who offer violence, deal drugs, support terrossim and conduct serious violent disorder! All who do this are volunteers and recieve no extra salary. I have had two rest days cancelleled(yet again!!) for G20 so it is alledged we go over the top sometimes or are deeemed excessive by liberals! I'll still sleep soundly after G 20 no matter what happens! As for the Babar Ahmed case it was settled out of court and those officersthat did not testify in the civil court had the right to! like the poeple who have the right to complain over the excessisve use of force. It doesn't mean they were excessive it just means that the poeple complaining have an issue over the incident.

Stressed Out Cop said...


I would think the Met folded partly because of the lost complaints files - meaning they could not defend certain points as much as they wanted.

I actually thought paperwork was destroyed after 7 years, so might explain why they couldn't find files from 1992. I'm sure the solicitors knew that too.

I'm not aware of the precise details or what points they won or lost. If you lose one out of 20 that gets reported and damages paid even if you win the other 19. I think this was settled prior to court so perhaps incomplete notes as to how he received his injuries?

They would of had to attend if the Met defended and I believe fight the cause.

I would hazard a guess who his solicitors were - and they're very good at what they do, but this was a different burden of proof.

And of course all jobs like his will require robust securing, if we recall the SB officer killed on a anti-terrorist raid a couple of year's back.

On the balance of probability job pays out for unreasonable force. It happens. Doesn't mean his version was what happened.

Be safe next week and Saturday.

Damo Mackerel said...

The people are not angry with the police but they are angry with the government. Unfortunately it will be the police that will be the focus of this pent up but misplaced rage.

Bob said...

No, Damo, the people are angry with the police, as well as with the government. Because of attitudes like anon's.