Thursday, 28 August 2008

We lead the world in thuggery

With all this Olympic hype going on about Team GB and all the excitement about London 2012, give a little thought to really what's going on.

Have a look at the picture above which just about sums up the licensing laws in this country at present. This man was asked for a cigarette before being set on by three thugs and if he survives may be brain damaged. It could easily have been me or you.

I don't know if the bar this happened outside is a problem premises or even involved, however licensed premises must be made to take more responsibility. I hate policing outside these venues. At closing time people stagger out and vomit onto the pavements and the managers just wash their hands of it.

I was outside one last year and some guys and gals drunkenly carried out a young woman. The door staff kindly held open the fire exit. They left her unconscious on the steps of the bar before asking me where they could get a cab. Now I've seen some drunk people (don't forget I'm a trained soldier) but this lady wins the career prize for a licensed premises. I had to take control and call an ambulance as she was a non-responder. Even the Ambulance Service, god bless them didn't pull the usual waste of my time face and got to work to stabilise her.

It would appear it was her birthday and after a meal and drinks she entered my local late night drinker, where copious amounts of tequila shots disappeared down her throat. This one couldn't even vomit properly it had to be an on your side job and let it drain out. I summonsed the duty manager to show him the mess on his steps, but all he could muster was "we wouldn't have served her in that state". Nice line in stating the obvious.

We monitored this place for months and compiled statements of like incidents, fights etc and took them to review which we won. They were ordered to have their hours reduced, but the law allows them to appeal straightaway and continue on the same hours until the appeal is heard. No doubt they will string it out for months (February has been mentioned) when all the police witnesses will have to appear to give evidence. They will then make a submission that 6 months has passed and it would be "disproportionate" to curtail their hours. We will then be back to square one.

It's all about making money whilst society picks up the bill for extra policing and the costs of treating the above and occasionally the costs of prosecution. And while I'm policing that I'm not in your street when your car gets done.

London 2012 doesn't it just give you a little feeling of dread.

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