Monday, 4 August 2008

Don't get Angry Get Even ( Part 3 )

I won't go into police tactics but the drug dealing gang were targeted and best evidence was obtained. This involved covert video evidence and also DNA evidence. After the operational phase, of course paperwork preparation ready for the arrest phase needs to be completed. This all takes time.

Shouldn't gloat but "laughing boy" who threw down the challange in the first place had implicated himself by selling crack cocaine. Sometimes I really love this job.

The dealers were going to get a few weeks grace so the tidying up could be done. I was still getting it in the neck from residents. One day I was placating another disgruntled resident in a housing block about the ongoing dealing problems. I'd just smoothed her over and noticed a small gathering of addicts below me. A few moments later I see one of the known dealers approaching. The addicts get all excited and some more appear out of nowhere, and move off having seen Mr Dealers nod of the head. Feeding time is upon us.

So what would you do? I move along the block and find the group gathered in the approach to a stairwell. I am two floors up and out of view. Dealing boy is collecting money and handing out wraps to the group, some of whom have gone already. I sneak down the stairs and burst out of the door.

He sees me and is off and running. It's not a problem "Stressed Out Cop" has been out running alot to relieve his stress problems and is ultra fit. I'm wrong there is a problem - it called airwave radio - useless piece of crap. I put up the chase and location but this piece of kit is not great to run and operate. It slows you down and I settle in for the long distance chase, rather than the quick sprint. Pumped up dealer in trainers v old cop - stab vest - airwave = No Contest.

I know that if I keep him in sight units will cut him off. I run about 600 yards through the estate and I've got him in sight just as he turns a corner out of the estate. Then as I reach the corner I slip and fall. But I can't get up, my leg won't let me. Give my position and last direction of Mr Dealer. I've done myself a bad one. Just to piss me off even more, one of the addicts he'd just sold to walks right past me, nearly having to step over me.

I'd fallen onto my baton and did myself a serious injury requiring an operation and some metal screws inserted. So that was me out of the game for a while. I bet they were laughing their heads off when they heard. Dealing boy had got away too, but no worries, he'd also implicated himself in the operational phase and was due a visit.

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