Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Mr Colin Stagg has been awarded £700,000 for the failed prosecution that has undoubtedly ruined his life. Read Here.

I must declare an interest in that I've met Stagg and looked into those eyes. What I saw was a weak individual incapable of committing the crime. I stated so at the time, to the consternation of colleagues. From what I've seen of him since on TV he's always come across as relatively truthful and up front. DNA advances have resulted in him being totally cleared.

Now as an objective sort of individual what does concern me, is the decision of CPS in both this case and that of Barry George to proceed with obviously weak cases. Both murders were very high profile in the media, and the pressure to get a result intense. The "honey trap" set for Stagg was rightly criticised and thrown out under PACE for being unfair.

I just scratch my head at the countless times I've dealt with CPS, presenting in my objective view overwhelming evidence only for them to discontinue cases. What makes these high profile cases any different?

I think sometimes we should just say sorry the system was wrong.

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