Thursday, 7 August 2008

Don't get Angry Get Even ( The End )

Injury of course stops play and I have several weeks of daytime TV, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Cops" to keep me amused. Has it come to your attention that the car chases are the same but when the naughty blokes are caught the Americans actually fear the system. You just have to watch the endings UK Version: the passenger who ran away from the stolen car had no further action taken, whilst the driver received a years disqualification USA Version: 5 years in the pen - I know what version I prefer.

What about my lot? Six Dealers all pleaded guilty and got jail time. First one out in October, time actually served about 9 months. Laughing boy got 3 years so out next year. The one I chased despite 12 supply charges and a separate Possession with intent got a 3 year sentence - very lenient. Judge no doubt laughed at the obstruction charge that led to my injury.

My estate is relatively quiet and the residents are happy. They won't say it but I know they are grateful for what we've done. It's still going on - but elsewhere, not on my bit.

Was it worth it? I lost thousands in overtime and have been a cripple all year. Of course it was - the sun is shining - and they'll getting a stripy suntan in their cells as I'll be raising a glass of vino in their direction.

What's that saying - He who laughs last - laughs longest! Enjoy !!

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