Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Back to reality

Prospective McDonald's employee at London Gatwick

I'm back and feeling good from 2 weeks away. I've done absolutely nothing for this period except sit by a pool chilling. I was in self imposed shutdown with no access to my phone. Usually I'm abit more active on holiday but decided on a drop and flop situation.

That's not to say my stress levels were not tested. On arriving at the airport I was handed a letter informing me of a 3 hour delay to my 2 and a bit hour flight. So having arrived 3 hours early for shoe searching procedures I would have 6 hours to wait. The me of old would have imploded into a rage but I was powerless and took it on the chin. I tried loads of positive thought action to get me through. There turned out to be a 4 hour delay and the same coming back too.

At least 30 minutes of my wait was in McDonald's to spend £5 worth of flight delay food vouchers. This was really an experience to behold. I think the staff were extras in "shawn of the dead". They shuffled around like brain dead zombies to get orders before presenting your food without comment, looking off into the distance. Meanwhile a manager was running about trying to motivate them and ended up trying to get the chips out himself. Poor bloke really was on a hiding to nothing.

I could compare this to the service I received on holiday, which was all smiling and genuine. The daily wage I was told was about £6 for a 12 hour shift, probably about the same the Zombies received for an hours "work".

My phone on return, was of course full of messages asking me if I'd had a good break before adding could I call back. I've got lots to sort out on top of an already full diary - I have no constables to supervise for reasons I can't go into, so effectively no team. This is all beyond my control and you know what - I don't care ! Is this a good sign?

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