Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Winners And Losers

I don't know much about politics in Sri Lanka other than there's been a civil war taking place for over 25 years involving the Tamil Tigers and Government forces. There have been reportably huge casualties over these years on both sides and of course atrocities - it's the nature of the beast - War and conflict equals pain and suffering.

For several weeks now Tamil supporters have been protesting in Parliament Square contrary to the law. When it has suited them they have blocked the roads causing mass inconvenience to everybody else, including the only person legally allowed to be there and protest, Brian HAW.

Of course these Tamil supporters are mightily upset as their side lose out in Sri Lanka but what has it to do with us. The cost of policing these "illegal" gatherings since the start of April must be immense. The officers have to come from somewhere, and they are actually abstracted from the streets where they should be dealing with local issues.

I'm actually getting rather pissed with minority groups pushing their overseas causes onto the streets of this country. By all means put your point peacefully and lawfully, but enough is enough. Once again poor old plod is criticised for clearing the streets for others to use, and sustained injury in the process.

Meanwhile in Sri Lanka thousands protest against US as they perceive we are Pro Tamil. They may well have a point in that there are thousands of Tamil asylum seekers here, many of whom were funding the Tigers through organised crime and other means. How did we feel when the IRA received funds from NORAID fund raisers in the USA?

It's simply a case of Winners and Losers - The police and the tax payer were never going to be seen as winning. Can't help but compare the softly softly approach on this to G20 - I wonder if that will come up today when Sir Paul is grilled by parliamentary committee.


Dandelion said...

Well yes, and I have to agree you have a point about overseas causes. I've no idea what it has to do with us.

If Parliament Square is an unlawful place to protest why on earth haven't the police arrested them?

(Hi, btw)

Noddy said...

There are some causes worth getting out on the street for, even overseas!

I belong to the human race and blinkering ourselves to our national borders is, well, myopic.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Dandelion - Another impracticable law ...

Noddy - Point taken, difference being Burma is not a democratic country.

I can't see the protest you speak of being anything but peaceful and requiring more than a small police presence. The Tamil's could have been accomodated elsewhere if they wanted to - but choose to maximise publicity for their cause at public cost and inconvenience.

In the past they have done flash protests at short notice because their issues were not on the news. Well I've seen plenty the past couple of weeks on Sky but they go on.

Nothing against their right to protest - just the impact it's having elsewhere financially. See today the cost of G20 was 7.2 million and rising. The commish didn't say it was coming out of his budget so he's looking for the home office to pay up. I suspect the Tamil gig will actually cost more if it doesn't conclude soon.

MarkUK said...

We still have the question as to why a Tamil protest was allowed close to parliament when one woman, reading out the names of British people killed in Iraq, was arrested for doing so near the Cenotaph.

I wouldn't have thought that one person on her own could be a demonstration. M'learned friends obviously believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on this as I have just finished standing in parliment square watching this crap, my feet ache, my back aches and I didn't even get to nick anyone or do a S44 which is what my SMT grade me on.

Area Trace No Search said...

And the overtime budget is unlimited - all those officers there on seventeen hour shifts on less than fives.

Very nice for the bank balance, but I suspect it may already be costing as much as the G20. That was pre-planned and we lost our rest days plus fifteen, whereas this is going on day by day and the money is still pouring out to try and cope.

Gladys Pew said...

Yup quite agree SOC. Tamils invented the concept of blowing yourself up amongst civilians and I am pleased the LTTE has finally got what it deserves. Of course the BBC will be sad as they seem to just love terrorists.

Dandelion said...

It's costing more than the G20, and it's perfectly legal. The Home Secretary would have to intervene to have it stopped.

As for Anyonymous "getting to nick anyone", this chap shouldn't be in the police force with an attitude like that.

Damo Mackerel said...

The best thing to do is not to get involved. Allow countries to sort out their own problems. When we get involved we make things worst.

Noddy said...


Hmmmm, the McNumpty approach?

Damo Mackerel said...


The McNumpty approach? I don't think so. We have enough problems of our own to consider. We need to lead by example. Look at the Iraq war, that was meant to spread democracy around the Middle East. It hasn't happened as the politics of the Mid East are too complex and convoluted.

When we interfer we create more far reaching and long lasting problem. Let's keep out of it and let other folk sort out their own mess.

Anonymous said...

In the last four weeks I have spent four days policing my Borough OCu. being level two public order trained I have spent the rest of the time protecting various targets from the Tamil protesters on scheduled shifts!! any overtime I got was on my two rest days per week!! I had a 3am start to police a demonstration by British buliding workers complaining about the lack jobs for them at the olympics.When the got to P SQUARE we moved them on sharpish whilst the Tamils protested!. The Tamils
maybe a peacefull group but the other day when police cleared them off officers were assualted. One got a broken leg another lost four teeth. So much resources from the borough have been taken The SMT must be making the excususes up already as the borough was the top performing borough in the met and they must have completed applications for promotion/gucchi jobs at the yard or super dooper squad based on their leadership at the borough!! that caused it

Stressed Out Cop said...

And still it goes on I'm led to believe, 8 million and rising.

Add that to 7 million for G20 and it = 15 MILLION POUNDS

The exact amount saved by the met axing local HR depts, which are needed and passing their work onto you know where.