Saturday, 23 May 2009

Above The Clouds

I have been blogging for a year now and have dribbled out well over a 100 posts. This started out as a cathartic outlet for me after a crippling injury on duty prevented me from pounding the streets and raising my endorphin levels. I really can't believe I'm still going. I don't plan any posts and just bang out my knee jerk thoughts. Of course these have to be somewhat restrained as even blogging brings out responsibilities towards the job I do. I could have broken stories before they hit National but that would have been unprofessional and against the policies set down by my force. It also would have been unfair to individuals. It will stay this way.

I have to thank NightJack who was the first to link to me for most of my visitors. He even commented once .. the man himself here .. Great blog mate, we are all proud of you for what you achieved this year .

I've not been the most social of bloggers because of my dark moods. This has really been done for me and for my own benefit. Rather selfish perhaps but there you go .. along the way others out there have popped in and contributed. You are all welcome and I hope some of you stress monkey's have taken solace that you're not the only one feeling the way you do.

I started out in my profile questioning if the diktats imposed on us are responsible for high stress levels, they don't help, but I think the answer lies within me. Quite simply this job has ruled my life for over 20 years and I haven't been living. I've let these things stress me out without just recognising it and letting it go. I think I now get it and have found a way to live. I'm above the clouds and back in the zone where I want to be. I've still got perfectionist tendencies but the chilled me is actually even better .. and a nicer person to be around too. I might let you in on the secret but it did cost me money, it was however worth it.

So onwards we go. Things are changing in the country and the policing will change again too. How will it affect you? Me I'm going to do what I want and ignore any diktats I think are crap. I'm actually going to put policies in place on my team and run it the way I want. I know it will produce better results, so who's going to pull me up about it? I'm quite happy to fight my corner and fight for the officer's on team to provide a good standard of policing for the paying punters.

I'm up for a bit of world domination. We'll see how my legs hold up !!


TWINING said...

Please give them a kick from Sergeant Twining as well.

TWINING said...

I am often in this horrendous position. You challenege their behaviour then they throw a "teddy" at you.

TWINING said...

You can see how annoyed I am, should read, "challenge."

Stressed Out Cop said...

Cripes T you are annoyed - comments on wrong post !!

I thought you were wanting to kick my poor leg .. it's knackered already.

Hope you are well


TWINING said...

Argh Sorry man! I looked at the other post and thought you had deleted me! Then I would have been anooyed.

TWINING said...

Well annoyed!

Bobbi said...

Go for it! It might acutally result in one of those strange beasts unknown to government as 'improvment' probs for policing and team morale!