Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Time Is Up

I don't ask much from the staff who work for me. Turning up on time is one thing that I would expect to be in any person's must do's in any job, but in the policing environment it is vital and tells you alot about an individual.

Everybody is late from time to time when circumstances are out of their control, be it car accident or train cancelled. I freak about it and on early turn will be awake prior to the alarm clock going off because I fear being late and crashing it. I'm usually into work an hour before my shift starts leaving time for a shower, a quick e-mail scan and getting the postings ready. I can't remember the last time I was late. Of course this is ingrained in me from the army when you would only ever be late once. I never was, but still had to take part in dress parades when somebody let the side down.

I also witnessed people being sent to the glass house when standards dropped. I say witnessed, but as a regimental policeman I was one of those either side of some unfortunate being double quick marched by the duty corporal. I was knackered yet it was his beasting. I only rested when he was undergoing some strangely thought up sadistic punishment, and boy there were some.

I'm not advocating that we should do this to errant constables or PCSO's but we are supposed to be a disciplined service. Some people just take the piss all the time. I've rung people after parade who haven't had the good grace to ring in saying they're going to be late and they've been in bed still. No apologies, no concern just a yawn and " Yeah OK I've overslept I'll get in as soon as I can ". They then hang up before I've even had the chance to say anything else. They then wonder why two hours later they are in my office and I detect actually think I'm out of order for even speaking to them.

I've done the chats, performance interviews and bollockings with one individual and still he can't sort his life out and turn up for my parades. I think there's only one option left .. standby for accusations of overbearing conduct OR worse. For what challenging a piss taker? Bring it on says I.


Dark Side said...

I completely agree with you and it is the lax way they don't even apologise that gets you so much.... I had one work for me in the past that used to arrive late and then spend half an hour in the toilets putting her make up on, for some reason she couldn't see anything wrong with it....xx

roy in nipomo said...

In the 35+ years I was a dispatcher for a small town police department, you could count the number of times I was late on one hand (with fingers left over).

At least on this side of the pond, you could tell the difference between those who first started working before about 1980 and those who started after (with some exceptions, of course). Those before the date would show up about 30 min early; after the date usually showed up <5 minutes before shift (and not fully prepared).

Stressed Out Cop said...

Dark Side - that would be an extra 1/2 hr she owed me on top of her late time.

Roy - Welcome. here from California USA? Nice to know the public sector in the states has the same problems as over here - at least you have the sunshine.

Raining here again today :<(

MarkUK said...

In the days of my youth I would sometimes be late for work, but not often. Since getting married many years ago, I've acquired more of a sense of responsibility, and a wife that's much better than an alarm clock!

I worked for a company for nearly 20 years and was late only twice - once when I stopped at a relatively minor RTC to offer help, and once when I stopped at a fatal RTC. (Ironically I was doing my first aid requalification that day!)

Traffic bad? Set out earlier.

Punctuality, they say, is the politeness of princes.

ScaleyBack B@stard said...

Quick bit of Pokey drill should sort the late comers out.

Step off to my time, by the front quick march! deft dite deft dite deft dite, mark timeaahh (ah if only!)

Been out 9 years and I still call them "bloody civies!"

Vetnurse said...

When doing nights the first comment from the first person, before they even say hello is always "ok so who is sick today".
There is always the regulars and nothing is done to stop them so the rest bear the brunt.
Funnily enough it is most of the time those that live at home and have no real outlay as everything is paid for who are always "sick"

Officer Dibble said...

I think the expression we use in the police is 'doing it in'.

Fortunately over my time I dont think I have 'done it in' to need to take my shoes off to count.

Still! not parading on time is er....a no no..

Bottom line is if you have done it in apologise! And ...Donuts up front are always good!

Probably considered semi harrassment these days.

Worked for me in my early days!

powdergirl said...

If you are less than 15 minutes early,
you are late.

R/T said...

I refuse to give the job too much before my start time but . . being ready to go 15 mins prior to the time is the least that should be expected. Don't you find that those who arrive on thge dot are always the ones looking at their watches with 20 minutes to go?

As a probationer I did it in (through alcohol!!!) twice in 2 days on E/T. I had to go home and return for L/T! Not sure that you'd get away with that nowadyas but I haven't been late since. That's more than 20 years. There - I've done it now!!

Anonymous said...

I joined in 2004 and from another disciplined service(with alot of keys and big walls where being late was not accepted or tolerated by ur cooleagues!!) and couldn't believe the carefree atitude to time keeping. On the occasions I have beeen late( never on team, only a few times on other units) I have always given a reason why I'm late and an E.T.A. Yet others with less personal pride play the system and get away with it. Well done streessed out cop for highlighting these wastes of uniform shame we couldn't dock their pay or make them stay late!!

Constable Confused.com said...

Couldn't agree more, there is no discipline involved anymore. Think that training schools are too worried about contravening human rights.....bless. Is it just me or do a lot of newbies look as though they don't own an iron or boot polish? A few words of wisdom have been exchanged here in Notgreatside. If I can turn up not looking a bag of shite so can they!

Stressed Out Cop said...

You are with me in knowing who takes liberties

I don't do doughnuts - too risky if you need to deal with issues - that's for the team to impose as a peer punishment.

The D word looms for someone and actually worse as he was very nearly a "Made Man" .. not going to be happening now I think.

Lots of extra paperwork for me but has to be.

Bobbi said...

I agree. I'm in the Army cadets, and it's run by an ex-army captain. They practice the 'sodding 5/10 minute rule'(depending on the amount of free time available)Captain says 'on the road and ready to go at 1830 hrs'. RSM says '1820 hrs' and so on. Anyone who is late has lots of PT as a punishment, but there are still those who are determined to take the piss, which just annoys everyone else. I'm glad someone's dealing with people like that.