Sunday, 3 May 2009

Books And Covers

I was more surprised that Scotland did not have any transgender officers, when reading that Jan Hamilton formally Army Captain Ian Hamilton is reputably joining a Scottish police force. Is this meant to be a copper shocker story?

This blog as regular readers are aware has always supported the recruitment of ex military personnel into our profession. Jan Hamilton would appear to bring with her considerable experience and skills. I've worked with trans-gender officers and quite frankly they are treated exactly the same as everybody else, and are judged on their ability to do the job. As long as Jan Hamilton has a sense of humour and is a good team member then good luck to her. I just hope she is not subject to some kind of political correct tokenism.

You've got to have grudging respect for somebody who puts themselves through gender realignment surgery and then elects to subject themselves to the great British public on a Friday night after closing time. Of course Jan used to be a paratrooper so I'm sure can handle herself.

My first contact with the paras was on my first foray into town having just started basic army training. A small figure wearing desert boots and green bomber jacket approached down the street with a case of beer carried on each shoulder. He stopped and looked at me saying "Oi crap hat want a fight?" Oh happy days - they are indeed different people those paras.


Constable said...

Good luck to Jan,

paras are generally a bit "different" (read close to psychotic at times). 2 Para were a particularly interesting experience about oohh too many years ago to remeber but they didn't lose in a pub fight in Oxfordshire just after the first Gulf War. The biggest worry was there was only 6 of them against about 30 locals who objected to their presence. How stupid were those locals?

Just hope Strathclyde are ready for her, the scrotes may be in for a surprise.


Bullseye said...

I was asked a good question yesterday. If a Pc undergoes gender reassignment to become a wpc, what pension entitlements will they get? Bear in mind, these are based on the presumption that women live longer than men and therefore they get a bigger pot. Gender reassignment isnt gene reassignment. And no, I don't have the answer!

pc hawkeye said...

Apparently even with gender re alinement you are still legally a male. Whatever is on the birth Certificate stays and can't be changed. So I guess the pension will follow. that's what i believe now, but i will stand corrected if anyone knows anything different.

Stressed Out Cop said...

I thought they got the women's pension - bit drastic if you chased the cash what with parity now