Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My England

I love my country and don't care what colour you are, if you can kiss the flag and feel "it" then you're alright with me. Being English and proud today is somewhat frowned upon by Nulabor, and their attempts at changing our society are thank (your choice of) God coming to an end.

I was away the other week in Yorkshire and visited the town of Malton. It has a beautiful old market place with little independent shops. Mrs Stressed and the kids were off looking at something in an old fashioned Pet Shop, so I sat on a bench and indulged in some people watching.

The old people looked different, more relaxed, and well happy. This is very different from where I work, and see them shuffling along to get their business done quickly. I still had my police radar on and noticed a car parked up with the Sat Nav clearly on view still stuck to the windscreen. This would have lasted about 5 minutes where I'm from, but they probably keep their doors unlocked in Malton. Not one druggie did I see all day.

Old fashioned proper pubs decades old, not some crappy themed named changed over priced shit hole. They even had the old red telephone boxes. I didn't see any Ruralshire Constabulary either. Just one glimpse of an officer on foot patrol in tunic walking tall would have put me into a contented ecstatic mood.

This was not a diverse scene my eyes feasted on, it was a vision of England, a thing of beauty. I don't believe in multiculturalism, preferring the French way of Nationality, but still swearing allegiance to the Crown. I want everywhere to feel like Malton.

We are in a mess - Please Nulabor call an election NOW and let's start again. We can have this if any party had the balls to put it in their manifesto and brought back common sense in public life.

I'm posting this early for St. George's Day as I've got some big work on this week. Have a Proud one.


Constable Confused.com said...

Mrs CC's family live in Yorkshire and in the community everyone knows everyone else. I was introduced to Sleepyshire plod and he told me that other than test calling at 7 for the last 4 days since he came on there had not been one job given out!

Unbelievable, mind you, think I would probably start having to do motorists then in order to stay sane.


PC Michael Pinkstone said...

There are plenty of pockets of deceny left in England. Malton is one of them. I have driven through similar towns and had similar sentiments as expressed in your post. I even drive through the glorious British countryside and think, "Hmm, this is lovely. Perhaps things aren't as bad as they seem?" And then I realise that the total population in the 400 square miles I am driving through is about 87 people. I then re-enter the sprawling metropolis wherein the population far exceeds the stated dose, look at the god-awful chaos, and realise that things are actually that bad.

thespecialone said...

I want to retire to a similar place. How long before some f*cker from a big town decides that Malton would be a great place for a hostel for 'recovering' druggies. Or for a 'half-way house' for those just released from prison???

Stressed Out Cop said...

Mind you it did flood a few years back so maybe on the outskirts eh!