Saturday, 25 April 2009


Change is one of the things that sets me off on that journey I don't want to take. I like my routine and recently things in my life have been changing. I have mentioned a change at work and after much uncertainty over the past few months I have started in a new role. This means I have left my community post in an area I have policed on and off for well over a decade. This was a funding thing, but there are other reasons for me going too. This may explain the severe sleep disturbance with me waking each day at about 3.30am, not including night shift of course. So I've been rather washed out of late, going into work with that heavy eyed fatigue I usually get coming the other way after nights.

It was rather a long goodbye, but it didn't make things any easier, I really miss it dreadfully. The gratitude shown and best wishes from my residents, not just the law abiding has humbled me. I've seen young kids turn into men and women with kids of their own, and have tried to be consistent in my approach taking more than a passing interest over the years. People have even stopped their cars to come and chat to me as I've walked down the street. I have left previously and went back because I liked it too much, it's what I do.

My new role is very unsexy, but only temporary setting up a new team on a new project. I did ask to go back to response team but there are no vacancies at present. The management have hinted that there might be some positive payback for me helping them out, but already there are organizational changes coming with the loss of posts to save money. I won't hold my breath for any favours, I know how things work. Even being off nights has thrown my routine at home and caused child care nightmares over the school run. I've decided to get all changes out of the way at once so have revamped the blog, to freshen things up.

I think that there might be some other changes coming soon with policing as well. The G20 public order review should have some interesting recommendations. We the police are not exactly flavour of the month at the moment, and I've not seen much leadership from the top over this. There should have been more support for the officers concerned, pending the outcome of the IPCC investigation. Haven't these people been in the line? I expected better and they should be allaying public concerns with pledges of firm but fair policing, instead of throwing teddies about shoulder numbers.

Police officers don't like change, I think there's a management model called the resistance curve that shows the impact it has on performance and morale. Change is coming soon anyway, and hopefully we can tear up some of the damaging policies imposed by this government. That's not to say they've make a complete cock up. I think the Crime and Disorder partnerships with local authorities have had a positive impact on local issues and joined up working. I recall years back considering the local council as the anti-christ and very much against us, but now after several years it makes sense to work together. The next stage is to link in the public to play their part in taking policing forwards. We all want policing by consent but some of the legislation being passed is even making me uneasy. Maybe the G20 review will provide an opportunity. I understand that we need to change in many respects too.

Not had any music for ages so it has to be some Bowie.


Vetnurse said...

Those up the pole are not going to support anyone below them. They are to busy making sure that all the holes to their home rat hole are covered up so that they do not get caught up in anything.
They also probably are not aware what doing the supervisory role they are in means, as in supporting those below them... l mean is there any human life below their office?

Stressed Out Cop said...

Me thinks a few might have some uncomfortable moments after the review. Calling out for leadership but I heard none.

Not good times!