Monday, 6 April 2009

He's Back .... The Gene Genie

As I've been outed as a Gene Hunt lover on Facebook there's good news, the new series starts soon. Standby for a breakout of morale in the ranks and leather jackets in the CID. New hook trailer above and favourite scene below to wet your appetite ... Gene and Lord Scarman. Enjoy or despise, it's your choice.


Constable said...

Bring on the Genie and I want his car. Quite amusing, one of the Big City Jack DI's in our area fancies himself as the Gene and has adapted all sorts of photo's to show his face instead of the real one.

If only he had the bollocks as well it might be less laughable.


Dandelion said...

Hillarious CC!

I've no idea what you chaps are talking about, but that's all lovely.

Constable said...

Thank you Dandelion, I think! Anyway your blog and viewing.... any chance?