Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Good" Bad Guys?

I bumped into one of the drug dealers I put away earlier in the year. He's the first one to be released, as he only got 18 months. I think he actually served 8 months behind bars. He will be known as "D" as that was his dealing name.

We had a "no hard feelings" sort of chat, and he actually shook my hand, saying he was going to sort his life out. I've known "D" since he was fourteen years old. He's had a few run ins with us over the years but I like him, you would too if you met him. I was disappointed in him and told him so. He was never the main player in the dealing and probably ran the errand for his mate, who got a four stretch. His 18 month sentence was a fair one in light of his involvement.

I reminded him of the conversation we had last year, where his mate had avoided me as I entered the estate. I knew there was drugs stuff going down. I'd told "D" that if he was dealing on my estate I'd get him eventually. He told me he was one of the good guys and wouldn't be so stupid.

Well he was stupid and I hope he has learnt a lesson. He'd made a decision and had to pay for the consequences of his crime. "D" could now become a committed criminal or turn his life around. I genuinely hope he chooses the right path. I will be around to nudge him the right way.

As he walked off he nodded and said "I'll be seeing you".

You could take that two ways couldn't you?


Anonymous said...

Shame on you.

The 'war on drugs' is really a 'war on freedom'.

Stressed Out Cop said...

" The 'war on drugs' is really a 'war on freedom'".

Don't really think so. What war are you fighting ??

I'm there for the people who don't want to see dealing outside their front doors - Is that shameful? Should they live in fear and step over people injecting themselves on the stairs?

Yes people are "free" to destroy themselves but if it impacts on others - it needs to be dealt with.

Speak to the users - are they Free ?? Slaves to their addictions.

Anonymous said...

An interesting point, freedom?

Freedom to steal to feed a habit?
Freedom to kill?
Freedom to be anti-social?
Freedom to rape?
Freedom to take resources from honest people?

All because they cannot control their weaknesses

Tony F

Itwasntme said...

He's no longer free to 'turn his life around'. Once you have a criminal record, especially if you've served time - society doesn't want to know you. You have to be CRB checked to do virtually anything worthwhile these days so every door just closes in your face. According to society - once a criminal, always a criminal! Second chances don't exist anymore. His life is destroyed now even if he wants to change it for the better. He will be blocked at every avenue!

Stressed Out Cop said...


I hope not and I would give him a chance but it's up to him.

I don't believe a criminal record is a bar. As the only adult male in my immediate family without a criminal record I don't agree that once a criminal always a criminal. You've just broken the law and the rehabilitation of offenders act eventually comes into play. Even the courts ignore old antecedents.

It didn't harm the prospects of the DPP did it??

The point of the post was asking can you have good bad guys. I might be going soft but the answer is yes.

CJ Nerd said...

Rather heartwarmingly, here's an example of a good bad guy in action:

I suppose it's easy to slip into an assumption that no offender can or will reform.

There's also a converse assumption, that all offenders can and will reform- "this is his 99th offence but he's got a job starting on Monday".

The truth is, of course, harder to get at than either of these assumptions suggest.

Stressed Out Cop said...

CJ Nerd

Well said Sir