Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Death By Barry

You've got to hand it to American judges who are free to dish out punishments as they see fit. I don't see why they picking on poor Barry Manilow who is actually a fantastic songwriter. It could never happen in the UK, where no doubt some miscreant would be granted legal aid as this would be made out to breach the poor loves human rights, the state inflicting humiliation.

I used to have my own punishments, which you'd never get away with today. There was a 24 hour bus lane, where I used to work. In the rush hour the law abiding would queue up in the adjoining lane, whilst extreme piss takers would zoom up the inside. It is annoying don't you think if you are in that law abiding lane and somebody gains an advantage? Anyway, there was a handy layby at the end of the bus lane ideal for pulling in the piss takers. I'm not a process king and I see traffic stops as a way in to greater things.

If he response of the driver was "Why aren't you out arresting burglars and murderers?", they'd failed the test and got a ticket. If they looked wrong a turnover took place, and if nothing else came to light, thrown back for another day. The majority were OK people who just took the chance. Of course a quick verbal warning would have them away but those waiting in the queue would see them having no punishment. The correct punishment was 10 minutes in the "Sin Bin". I would often have four cars lined up at a time and not one person moaned about it, because it was a fair punishment and saved them a fixed penalty. Everybody wins !!

I suppose that's called discretion. I exercised this a couple of months ago too, when my PCSO's caught a young lad writing graffiti on a wall within my estate. He was 11 years old and I knew the mother well. A knock on the door to collect mum and a bowl of soapy water, saw the lad scrubbing away for 20 minutes to learn his lesson. No writing took place at all, contrary to policy. This is because it was sensible and common sense to deal with it this way. If a complaint came in, then of course I'm in the wrong and I know that, but what are they going to do to me?

Make me listen to what? Check this out, it was going well until the rap bit.


Anonymous said...

What you are doing is actually called "Restorative Justice" - some forces (mine included) now provide training on this so you're actually fine with SMT if you use this buzz-word to justify yourself (quite apart from the fact it makes a lot more sense!).

Anonymous said...

'restorative justice' will find far more approval by the public than a fine and 'should' save you the paperwork. I teach excluded kids (usually from well-known shit families) and we have the same endless paperwork. In 15 years (especially under New Labour) all of our jobs are turning into admin jobs. Literacy has plummeted in the UK. We're 17th in Europe! You didn't sign up to fill forms and I didn't either.

Stressed Out Cop said...

It is indeed a common sense approach but less paperwork - I doubt it, everything has to be recorded, risk assessed, analysed and measured. These are non jobs producing nothing.

Everybody needs to be set free from this crap which exists in the public sector from NHS to youth workers.

Anonymous said...

I'm a schools officer and caught some lads spraying expletives on a car with silly snow (or whatever). It washes off, but they'd technically comitted a public order offence and criminal damage (cost to put right e.t.c.)something which if reported would have led to a whole load of pain for everyone involved.

The owner of the car hadn't seen it, so I made them fetch a sponge and a bucket and clean it all up. Problem solved, everyone is happy and the car was cleaner than when they started.