Sunday, 14 February 2010

Seize The Moment

Stressed isn't prone to Romantic gestures because when he does it tends to fall flat. We were away on holiday on the West coast of Mexico and Mrs Stressed nipped off to the loo in one of those authentic Mexican Tavernas. I seized the moment and paid the local guitar player a few dollars to sing a couple of romantic numbers at our table.

She returns and he starts twanging away and singing in dulcet tones only to be ignored, cos' all Mrs Stressed can do is go on about how there's no toilet paper in the loo, or lock on the door, so she had to sit with her foot against it.

Mind you one of the songs was Bamboleo which I like and she doesn't .. it's in the side bar.

This year I'll play her Luther who sings what must be the sexiest love song ever. Play this to your wife, husband or significant other and see how you get on today.


Crime Analyst said...

Stressed. . . Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh how that brought the memories flooding back.

Sad git that I am, I was a massive Luther fan back in the day. With the now ex Mrs CS, we saw Luther in concert SIX times! We saw him do this tour (I remember the stage set up and his outfit... we had near front row seats). He has the whole room swaying and cuddling, absolutely brilliant.

Luther had a quality that inspired romance and lovely stuff. Such a shame that with all that talent, he never found lasting happiness. You could always tell when he was in a relationship. His weight would fall like a stone when in love, and go through the roof when he comfort ate.

It never affected his music though, he left a beautiful legacy and its hard to think of anyone in todays' crop of talent that comes close.

I'm sure there will be lots of joyful moments shared to his music on valentines day and for years to come.

Thanks for evoking some lovely memories Stressed. Hop you and Mrs S have a great one.

ATB - Steve

Area Trace No Search said...

It's Valentines day?
Oh shit... Let's hope the local garage has some flowers left

Failing that, a set of jump leads would be a nice present. Wouldn't they?

Hogday said...

Area: What do you call a bloke with syphilis, Gonorrhoea and genital herpes? An incurable romantic.

Blue Eyes said...

Ha ha, you should have seen the pile of "romantic" crap that the bloke in front of me yesterday in the supermarket queue had! He had a teddy bear with LOVE sewn into the fur, a bunch of rubbishy flowers, several boxes of chocolates and the rest. I hope it did the trick.

Perhaps my cynicism at the corporate hijacking of a made-up Saint's day is one of the reasons why I am perpetually single...

Hogday said...

Blue: I could never fall for a woman who was impressed by such tat, either. Don't compromise ;)

Stressed Out Cop said...


Glad you liked that - I like to spread good feelings ..

ATNS - Dog House for you?

Blue - It's all superficial properly for his OTS

HD - Nothing for Mrs H then ?