Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wish I Was There

Mike PARRY was on a short break to “celebrate” a mate’s birthday in Dubai and ends up in jail for giving the finger. I’m just loving this article, where poor old Mike states he wasn’t drunk despite having wine at lunch and beers later.

He spent a month in jail before getting released with a £300 fine and deported. People like Mike are too used to doing what they like, and seem surprised that everywhere else isn’t as soft as our country. I’m all for it – what a shame it will never happen here. Just imagine if we jailed the idiots who make our Town Centres virtual no go zones.

I’m assuming they don’t have the same problems in Dubai !!

DJ Grooverider got four years when less than an eighth of cannabis was found in his trouser pocket earlier in the year. No prison place problems either they just fit in as many as they can.

Perhaps this is why Dubai has low crime rates, and it's warmer than my streets at the moment. Very appealing.


Gaijin said...

I think we should strike a happy medium :)

Damo Mackerel said...

I remember there a good while back someone getting flogged for drinking alcohol. Could you imagine bringing that law into Ireland. Half the population would have to be employed to flog the other drunken half. Mind you, it would give people jobs and probably lift Ireland out of the recession. I could just see myself as chief flogger. I'm telling you, I would put my back into the job.

Area Trace No Search said...

So you're thinking of emigrating?

Wonder if they do a direct entrance for coppers like Oz and Canada does...?