Friday, 26 September 2008

Mind Reading

Did you see it on TV last night? Traffic Cops on BBC catch it on the BBCiplayer. This is a reality show, usually the same mundane policing stuff.

Last nights was a copper shocker. Two Swedish sisters stopped walking on the motorway before running into the traffic and getting wiped out. The one who was not seriously injured then gets up, thumps the female officer before running into the other carriageway. This caused a 15 mile tailback as the motorway was closed for 2 hours. Much inconvenience to thousands and the punishment? a day served when she appeared in court for hitting the officer.

They followed this up with two immigrants from Iran again wandering on the motorway. They had it appeared, been dumped out of the back of a lorry. In our modern Britain we don't arrest illegal entrants any more. They get advised to go to Liverpool or London to register. Of course these two didn't.

There was a Czech citizen driving on his international licence. He was insured but had been economical with the truth with his insurance company, saying he held a full UK licence. The cop rang the company who were still happy to cover him. So he too was sent on his way. All this after the expense of an interpreter.

Then a chap from Estonia speeding at 112 mph - uninsured with no licence and still over the drink drive limit after consuming a litre of vodka the night before. He was less grief as he spoke fluent English.

Then another chap who gave false particulars. He turned out to be an overstayer, who'd gone undetected for 10 years. Another no insurance job and don't ask if he was deported. The Home Office wouldn't say.

I'm not going to say anything, because I think I know what you're thinking.

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