Tuesday, 16 September 2008

21st Century Witch Hunts

The government has announced some pilot schemes whereby concerned parents will be able to access the records of individuals who come into contact with their children. This is to root out paedophiles and will only concentrate on sexual offences. They must see this as a popular policy with those who can't even spell paedophile correctly.

Under the new scheme, police will carry out two tests when approached by a concerned parent.

The first, within 24 hours, will examine the person's criminal history to see if police need to take immediate action.

A full risk assessment will follow, involving more detailed checks and should be completed within 10 days.

Question "Has Paul Gadd got Gary Glitter down as an alias on his PNC Record?" You see the potential problems with police intelligence and data.

At the same time they are putting an extra £60 Million into extra youth measures , which will include street based youth workers and ex gang members. Are these the same ex gang members who "were" involved in robberies, drugs and god knows what? I take it unless they have committed a sex offence parents won't be told about their previous crimes. Of course it's rather trendy to be an ex gang member and good on your C.V. when entering the lucrative world of public sector projects.

Also youth offending team officers will be placed in police stations to direct young offenders to the appropriate service. You can bet your mortgage that won't be Her Majesties Prison Service. The YOT person can no doubt sit reading a book along with the drugs intervention worker.

Don't worry we the police get a slice of the pie too, for extra school patrols and to impose youth curfews on communities. Don't get me wrong I'm all for preventative action - I just don't think the public sector is the best way to deliver it. There will be all sorts of targets and measures set.

Yet again the police are responsible for sorting alot of this out and finding staff to do it. Where will the blame lie if it all goes wrong?

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Littlejohn commented on this in the DM today, 16/9.