Saturday, 1 May 2010

Stressed Eyes ..

I must admit with just a little bit of shame that I had momentary good feelings when viewing the coverage of our unelected leader dissing the lovely Mrs Duffy. It takes one to know one and this bloke is clearly suffering. It's scary that he is in charge of the country and even more scary that next week he could in theory, still be there. Oh please Britain anybody but him !!!

I had a chomp myself at somebody last week - not a big rant just a nibbling of some CID balls, which was possibly undeserved to the individual so had to issue my own apology. The difference being I probably meant it and feel good that I did so.

Shouldn't really judge, it's a fault of mine, but Brown is clearly a control freak, and when Duffers fired her questions at him you can just see the frustration as he battles to get in and speak. He clearly doesn't like it and that's what leads to his off camera reaction. Now who a few years back personally took charge of some strategic and operational policing matters when robberies were getting out of hand? You can see why we've had a very controlling government for 13 years.

Mrs Duffy did however show all the politicians up as avoiding the issues that really matter. I used to be in awe of politicians thinking them all powerful and intelligent until I met some of them and listened to the shit they spouted. Many a time I've sat in meetings and have been told how I'm wrong about things happening on my patch. They just all happened to be from the ruling party. They really do live in a different world.

I watched the debates on TV and was left rather flat. All this crack down on expenses crap. If they were true to their word then why didn't one of them also say they'd tackle the expenses scandal within the European parliament? I suspect this would be worse than our own domestic parliamentary problems. Isn't the truth that all of the parties have already lost the power to govern this country?

I'm tactically voting this election and voting TORY but it's a vote on loan. There is no difference between any of them in my eyes as they battle for the centre ground. I go Tory only in the hope they are true to form and swing to the right if gaining power and try to sort out this mess of a country.

I've had some dealings with some of their politicians the past few years and at least they listened. I've told them exactly what I think and I do believe if they gain power there will be positive changes in policing. They have also done some innovative stuff in my area which has worked to the benefit of the communities. Firm but fair policing is all that anybody wants. I do have some hope that they might actually be the party of law and order.


Blue Eyes said...

Great post although the image of you nibbling some CID balls didn't cheer me up much... ;-)

I laughed and laughed at Brown's predicament because I hate his guts with a passion that I have rarely found for anyone. But the media scrum actually wasn't fair. There are so many things to attack Brown for, such as being a total control freak while denying responsibility for anything that has not worked under his watch (so many things!) but no, our political debate is so pathetic that the media just latch onto an unguarded comment which actually wasn't as bad as it might have been.

I too hope that after Cameron has dug himself into the machine he will start tacking to the right in the way that Labour tacked hard to the left after 1999-2000. It isn't very democratic whichever way its done but something has to give. We can't go on in this fantasy world that Brown and Blair created. We just can't.

Stressed Out Cop said...

In my worst times I would have ripped them off and stamped on them. Too much infighting in this job that's for sure.

I have an element of sympathy for Brown, losing a child must tear you up. He should have chucked it in years ago for his own sake.

Cameron too is in the same position. What drives them on to power? Jury is out on him.

Compassionate conservatism is OK but a smaller state is what we need - pushing people to stand on their own two feet.

Fingers crossed for next week.

TonyF said...

I would have had sympathy for Brown, if he hadn't screwed the country up so badly. It was his lot's watch when it all went wrong, and in any other professional occupation, such a monstrous set of screw ups would result in dismissal, and possibly criminal investigation. None of the current crop of politicians are trustworthy, I don't know who to vote for, but I am sad to say, I haven't ruled out the BNP. Not that I like them particularly, but they spout less shite, and don't lie about their actual aims... Tory or UKIP then. Bugger.

Stressed Out Cop said...


Best you vote LibDem ... with proportional representation there will be BNP MPs. Don't mention that do they?

Save UKIP for the euros .. would give me the greatest pleasure to see them with the most MEPs

voyeur36 said...

I agree. UKIP is the way to go. Their manifesto say what everyone is afraid to say without being racist

Hogday said...

All I know about Cammo is that he is an excellent constituency MP - not my constituency, but all the same, for that he'll get my vote (or his rep up here will), but on loan for the same reasons you've cited.